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Our vast experience in woodwind instruments, individual perspective, and premium wind instrument parts gives us an edge over our competition. Neige Music Atelier owner and woodwind repair specialist has over 17 years of experience repairing for the most prestigious players and orchestras around the world. We pride ourselves in providing Australasia’s best repair services and in supporting musicians throughout their entire music journey. So, whether you are a beginner or professional player, you can rely on us to have your instruments serviced. Our woodwind repair specialists will help you with the best advice when choosing your new instrument or accessories.

Premium Instruments

We supply first-class woodwind musical instruments from the best brands in the world.

Personalised Approach

You will get individual attention and professional advice when choosing a musical instrument or repairing .

Extensive Experience

The most renowned and sought-after woodwind repair specialist in Australasia, with over 17 years of experience.

Pre-sale Set Up

Premium Pre-sale Instrument Set-up  valued in $250 free for all new instruments.


 Premium Warranty for all new instruments and repairs services.


State of the art workshop with the most advanced tools and high-end parts.
Because you matter to us!


And this is one more thing that makes us unique and differentiates us from other shops in New Zealand.

To give our customers the best experience with their new instrument, we have created a Premium Pre-sale Instrument Set-up for all brand-new woodwind musical instruments, evaluated in more than $250, free for all instrument purchases.

Our repair specialist Edison developed this set up which he spends 2 hours  improving a brand-new musical instrument’s feels and playability to its absolute best. It will make it much more responsive, extremely smooth and silent, improving notes dynamic and pad sealing.

Every brand-new instrument at Neige Music Atelier is meticulously checked, adjusted, and tested by our expert repair specialist before leaving the store.


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Edison Junior attentively and enthusiastically and cared for my baroque flutes, ranging from minor adjustments to more serious restorative work, with the upmost professionalism. He has a viscerally instinctive feel for wood and is a true craftsman. It is a shame to lose him from Australia, but I wish him every happiness in New Zealand.

Sally Walker
Principal Flute – Omega Ensemble, Lecturer in Classical Performance – Australian National University

I had the great pleasure to meet Junior at the Australian Flute Festival in Sydney last year where he did an absolutely fabulous job on my flute. Edison Junior is very passionate, knowledgeable and curious about all aspects of the flute and flute playing. His feelings and instinct for each individual instrument is phenomenal. Junior is a magician as he turns all areas of flute maintenance and repair into an art form. I cant recommend the Neige Music Atelier highly enough! My only wish is that he was not so far away in New Zealand!!

Xavier Luck
Professor of flute at Kobe College in Japan

Edison is truly a clarinet technician master! He made my Backun custom Lumieré clarinets look and feel absolutely beautiful.

David Griffiths
Senior Lecturer in Clarinet at The University of Melbourne. Clarinetist at Australia Ensemble

As any professional musician knows, every little issue with my clarinets takes away from the ultimate goal of playing the music. I’m so grateful to have Neige Music Atelier and Edison Junior here in Auckland to make sure that my clarinets always feel in their best possible shape!

Jonathan Cohen
Section Principal Clarinet. Auckland Philarmonia Orchestra

Edison is a brilliant flute repairer. Every time my flute needed any work done he repaired my flute to perfection. I would trust him implicitly with any professional or student flute.I highly recommend Edisons workmanship, his great manner makes it a pleasure to deal with him. Happy fluting all (especially if Edison looks after your flute!)

Jane Rutter
Australian Flutist

Edison Junior has been my go-to guy in Sydney for the past few years. He’s a world class woodwind repair technician…..a true master! From the smallest ‘tweak’ to a full overhaul on any woodwind Instrument, his results are outstanding. Par excellence. Thank you Junior for all your impeccable work and all round great vibe!

Mark Taylor
Saxophoist, Clarinetist, Flutist – AU

Edison Junior is a wonderful repair technician. Edison’s workmanship is the best I have seen, and he only uses the highest quality materials. Edison has worked on my clarinets and saxophones on multiple occasions, and he has helped me get exactly what I want from my instruments, so I can rely on them in the most demanding situations. I have many students who have also had their instruments serviced by Edison, and he has been friendly, accommodating, and professional every time. I cannot recommend his repair services enough!

Rowan Meade
Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Teacher – NZ

Junior is a fantastic woodwind repairer – he does brilliant work, is super friendly, accommodating to your needs, very personable and highly skilled. He is the perfect repairer for anyone who really cares about their instrument and wants it to be in top playing condition. His shop is just the best too – boutique products in a beautiful old house in Parnell, and there is parking! He does amazing work and looks after many of the top orchestral players in Australia and New Zealand. I am very happy that Junior has moved back to Auckland and think we are very fortunate!

Roger Manins
Saxophonist – NZ

Edison Junior’s artistic vision combines with his impeccable mastery. Neige is a dream come true for every flutist in this country.

Hey-Won Suh
Flutist,teacher – NZ

It is wonderful to have Edison Junior back in Auckland! His skills in taking care of my flute are fantastic. He was also very excited to jump on board on my project of adding a couple of extras keys to my Muramatsu. I sent him only a couple of photos of an old Barlassina flute with the extra keys. From them he was able to design the new keys and build them on my flute beautifully. They look like they were always there, and they are making my life much easier when I play! Thank you! Luca Manghi

Luca Manghi
Flutist, Teacher – NZ

Junior serviced my flute just before he relocated from Sydney to Auckland. Not only did he do a wonderful job but he kept me updated with photos and messages as he did the work, a lovely touch! He fit it in with not much notice at a particularly busy period for him; the work was amazing, totally overhauled after being neglected for around 3 years(!) he rebalanced the action as it was before, and made it look and play so much better. The job came with a year guarantee also, something quite necessary given the organic nature of the material and how it can take time to settle effectively. Am very grateful for his work and would definitely recommend him.

Joshua Batty
Principal Flute at Sydney Symphony Orchestra

There are not so many flute technicians in the world who really understand the finesse required to set up a flute properly, providing month after month of trouble free playing. It requires a certain mind set and attention to detail that few possess. Edison has all of the above in abundance and when I last saw him, he carried out some incredible work on my two Powell Flutes. Thanks Edison!

Paul Edmund-Davies
Flutist – UK


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